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Food Safety...

Nancy's Larder makes food safety an ultimate priority and our staff take pride in the five star food hygiene rating that Nancy's Larder has been awarded. We work with the Food Standards Agency to ensure that our food safety procedures continue to follow the highest standard.  Our staff have training in food safety and we have all of the correct systems and procedures in place to ensure that we produce and deliver safe food.  We take the responsibility of protecting our food from anything that could cause harm extremely seriously.

Fresh not Frozen!

Due to changes in family lifestyle, there is a current demand for food that is easy to prepare.  Many families use frozen foods as it is a quick and easy way of providing a meal.  However, research tells us that substantial losses of sensitive vitamins are lost during each of the chilling, storage and reheating stages.  When food is reheated after storage for 24 hours, losses of essential vitamins can be greater than 30%.

Nancy's Larder uses fresh ingredients each day and delivers food hot so there is no need to reheat our food.  This maximizes the nutritional value of our food and ensures that our customers are eating a safe, hot and nutritious meal.  

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